Myanmar itinerary in 2 weeks

Myanmar is a country full of contrasts. On the one hand it's a country that is changing very quickly thanks to its opening to international tourism. New hotels are being built and new restaurants are opened on every corner. On the other hand walking on the streets you can see most of the men wearing the typical Burmese long skirt (longyi) and many women and men wear thanaka (a yellow colored natural pasture) on their face. As you explore this country, you will feel most of the time that to travel to Myanmar means also to travel to the past, in spite of the modernization of the country. Myanmar or as formerly called Burma differs a lot from the rest of the countries in Southeast Asia. It's hard to summarize in one article all the things to see in Myanmar and all you can feel and live in this country. The major attraction of course are the temples of Bagan, one of the most impressive human creations on our planet, but there will be many other things to make your trip to Myanmar unforgettable. Not only hundreds of pagodas and precious landscapes, but most of all the charming people of Myanmar who will always treat you with a smile.In order to help you with your trip, we prepared you an itinerary with the most essential things to see in Myanmar in 2 weeks. Two weeks are a bit short, therefore, if you have more time, we strongly recommend you to spend some more days in this wonderful country. The itinerary we prepared you starts in Yangon, the capital, and finishes in Mandalay. Both cities have international airports, therefore following this itinerary you won't have to go back to the starting point.Yangon (also known as Rangoon), the capital of Myanmar will probably be your first contact with Myanmar, and the first sensation might not be the best. Yangon is a quite chaotic and decadent city, so you will have a hard time to get used to it. Nevertheless, in Yangon you will find one of the most impressive monuments of the country, the fascinating Shwedagon Pagoda. It’s one of the most important Buddhist temples in Asia, a giant temple complex with a huge (more than 100 m high) golden stupa in the middle. We recommend you to visit in the afternoon before sunset, thus you will have the chance to see it by day and also at night when it is beautifully illuminated.Bago, the antique Burmese capital is situated at only a couple hour bus ride from Yangon. It’s a quite dusty town, but it’s filled with important religious monuments. You will need at least a day to see the most important ones, such as the Shwemawdaw Paya, a pagoda with a giant golden stupa and the Mahazedi Shethalyaung Buddha, a temple with a reclining Buddha-statue. Near Bago, you will also find one of the most important Buddhist monuments of Southeast Asia, the Golden Rock. A rock that is balancing in equilibrium over the Valley of Kyaiktiyo. According to the legend, a hair of Buddha prevents the rock from falling down, therefore it’s not surprising that thousands peregrinate here every year to see this monument. The trip to the Golden Rock from Bago is quite exhaustive, first you will need to take a tuk-tuk (quite uncomfortable) for a few hour trip till Kinpum, where you will have to get on a truck that take people up to the mountain. From there you will have to climb the stairs barefoot till you get to the Golden Rock.