The best beaches in Menorca

Although the amount of tourists has significantly increased, Menorca is still the calmest island of the Balearic Islands. If you wake up early, you can enjoy (at least for some time) even in high season the best beaches of Menorca almost alone. In addition to the incredible amount of beaches, the variety is also fascinating. From white sand beaches that will remind you of the Caribbean to beaches with reddish or black sand. Most of the most amazing beaches and coves in Menorca are relatively far from the parkings where you can leave your vehicle, but this leads to somewhat lower occupation. It's hard to pick our Top, and even a Top as shown in this article, since there are so many options, and a selection is always personal. Here's our list of the most beautiful coves and beaches in Menorca.Menorca is still the least touristic Balearic Island, but in summer it's impossible to get rid of mass tourism. In addition to the amount of tourists, jellyfish is also huge problem in the island. We know when you go on holiday, especially to an island with beaches, you would rather sleep till late in the morning. Nevertheless, our experience is that it's worth getting up early and find the wonderful beaches in Menorca almost without people. Two hours later, the most popular beaches and coves are full of people in summer (in July and August especially). In the picture below, you can see the difference between the beach in Cala Mitjana at 8 AM and 10 AM. In addition, if you don't get going relatively early, you won't only find beaches full of people, but you might be left without your dream beach, since when the parkings are full, they close the access road to several beaches.We think that after getting up early and possibly walking for a while, you wouldn’t be happy to find a beautiful cove with large waves and full of jellyfish. The waves and the strong currents are usually a minor problem on this island, since most of the coves are well protected from swell. Nevertheless, jellyfish represents a huge problem, which becomes more serious every year. There’s not a 100% working method, but in most cases simply checking out the wind forecast will help you out. The wind direction is a key factor to determine the swell and hence the appearance of jellyfish. If the wind blows from the North, you should probably go to the beaches on the South coast of Menorca. In contrast, if there’s wind blowing from the South, the beaches on the Northern coast are probably a better choice.We tell you now that we have been to Menorca several times, and there are beaches that we still don’t know. If you follow our blog, you might already guess that on the list of our favorite beaches of Menorca secluded beaches and hidden coves will take most of the spots. Nevertheless, we will mention some others that we think deserve your attention.We were thinking for a whole to pick which the best beach is in Menorca. Finally, we chose these two coves in the south of Menorca. In this part of the island, there is a series of coves with white sand beaches and water as transparent as you can dream about. Actually, in this post we will mention several of them. Surrounded by steep cliffs, Cala Mitjana is a precious secluded cove with white sand and turquoise color water. Depending on the season, there can be some algae on the beach. When we went there, there were neither algae, nor people, and we enjoyed our time on this beach more than in any other.