What to see in Bruges in 1 or 2 days

There are not many cities in Europe that can compete with Bruges in Belgium for being the most romantic city on the continent. The old town of Bruges really seems to be a place that came out of a fairy tale, and at night when the buildings are illuminated walking by the canals might seem to you as if you were inside a dream. Although there are many things to see in Bruges, it is a city that can be visited in one day to get a general feeling of it. If you stay in Brussels, you can visit Bruges on a day trip without missing out on the most important things to see. Nevertheless, in our opinion, it is really worth staying for the night and enjoy the special nighttime ambience of Bruges. At night you will not only enjoy the spectacular illumination, but you will be able to walk around in peace and real tranquillity.It's better not to lie, Bruges, as it happens with other beautiful places, is a very touristic city, but at night it becomes a calm medieval town, where time seems to have stopped. The other option you have to enjoy the calm side of the city is to visit Bruges in low season, just as we did (we visited in January). If you can go on weekdays it's even better, since on the weekend Bruges can get especially crowded. Of course in low season you will have a bigger possibility of finding bad weather, but you will avoid the crowds for sure. In this post we would like to propose you two itineraries. If you want to visit the city in 1 day, we will tell you the most essential things to do in Bruges in one day, while if you plan to dedicate a whole weekend to the city, we suggest you our itinerary of the best things to see in Bruges in two days.In the itinerary of the first day, we present all the things we think to be essential to see and do in Bruges. If you are looking for a personal and unique experience you can book this private tour in Bruges with a local guide.Bruges is a city filled with very photogenic squares, but even from them stands out the fascinating Market Square (Grote Markt), which can be considered as the main square of the city. During your visit to Bruges you will cross this square several times, and every time you can appreciate the beautiful buildings in each corner. On one side of the square you will find the colorful brick houses which are shown in all Bruges postcards, they are very picturesque, indeed. You can also find here the Courthouse, the Historium Museum and most of all the fabulous Belfry Tower, which dominates the view.If you like astonishing views, one thing you must do in Bruges is to climb the stairs of the Belfry Bell Tower. From the top you can enjoy spectacular 360 degree views of the whole medieval town. You have to climb 366 claustrophobic stairs, but the view compensates for the effort.Although the views from the top of the Belfry Tower are really vertiginous, if we had to pick the best view of Bruges, it would be the view from the balcony of the Historium Museum. From there you can enjoy a fabulous panoramic view of the whole square and the beautiful buildings around. In addition, this view is completely free of charge, since the balcony belongs to the café in the museum building.